My name is Leonardo. I am an interior designer who loves to travel. Most of my works come from the inspiration I have from travelling. That is why travelling is important in my life.

I love how each place has its own identity. It really helps me get enough idea to create a design. Since I was a kid, I love to observe things. While I was observing them, I learned anything I could about the objects. Whether what makes them so interesting or catching people’s eyes.

It is so interesting and amusing to figure out what everyone’s desire. To fulfil their needs and describe their styles through my work have given me the feeling of fully-rewarded. In other words, I love it when people love my works.

Therefore, in my free time, mostly I spend it on travelling around. Searching a nice hotel to stay. Taking photos for inspirations and of course writing my experiences to be shared with anyone. Because for me personally, I want my life to be useful for the world. Thus it is so amazing when I can help anyone through my writings.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and have a pleasant day!