Australian Trip – Important Information to Know

Off late Australia has emerged out be a hot travel destination for vacationers from all parts of the globe, especially from Europe and North America.

So, this time if you are one of those travellers, planning a trip to this island nation, then it is imperative to know few things about Australia.

Australian Trip - Important Information to Know

1. Australia Is Not Only Huge But Also Extremely Diverse:

Though the country has the world’s lowest population, it is the sixth largest nation in the world. In fact, it is larger than most of the European Union nations.

A flight from Brisbane which is located on the east coast to Perth situated on the west coast takes five and half hours.

A Road trip? Don’t you think about it? It will take you days together without many interesting sites to stop by. In case you of driving from Melbourne to Sydney; it will take you nine complete days.

So, in other words, if you want to go Australia hopping, it is wise to take flights and more time in your schedule.

2. Australia Is Not At All Cheap:

While flying from one point of the nation to the other, try taking budget flights, unless and until you possess a real thick balance in your bank account.

Moreover, if you are not the type of person who loves the idea of camping, go for hostels. They are affordable and convenient.

Besides, if you are good in cooking, it is advisable to prepare your food. A lot of parks in Australia have free public BBQs. So, you can take full advantage of such experiences.

3. Get A Touch Of The Local Language:

Though Australians speak English, there is a difference between the English spoken in the United States and the island country.

A lot of other words are shortened, like arvo – afternoon, not to be confused with avo = avocado, Barbie = bbq, bickies = biscuits or cookies, breaky = breakfast and so on.

Also, your name will most likely be shortened to something that ends in “y”/”i.e.” or “z”.

4. Don’t Ignore The Australian Sun:

The Sun shines hard in Australia, and there is a lot of possibility of you getting tanned and burned much faster as compared to any other parts of the world.

Thus, it is advisable to visit the country with lots of sun block lotions and items. It is not that here the sun is another star, but due to some environmental factors, it affects the skin more than back at home.

Records have shown that South Eastern Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

5. Australian Seasons Are Different:

Australian summers, which fall during December to March aren’t as lovely as in the United States or Europe. Here summers are HOT, though in some locations it as well rains a lot.

Moreover, while one part of the country gets drenched in rain water, the other half goes dry without a drop of the shower. That is why it is important to plan you Australian trip either in between October to November or during April to May.

But this is so only during summers. When winter sets in, the temperature in some parts of the country goes as low as the -5-degree census.

6. Learn to Go Offline in the Country:

In Australia, the internet is neither too fast not too cheap. Though maximum of the hotels and restaurants have Wi-Fi connects, they won’t be as fast as you would be expecting.

So, if you want to stay online during your complete trip, afford a “Telstra Pay As You Go SIM” as it has the best coverage in the country.

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